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KeyTech introduces a new concept of Security Management Software

Media release. Published: 26-12-2016 08:20 am - Keytech Security Solutions

  (Dubai, UAE) KeyTech Security Solutions has announced the launch of Security Management Solution (SMS), a PC based software application advancing security centric fundamentals - built on logic. Security specialists, KeyTech, aim to replace outdated methods used for security operations with their new, 100% paper free, purpose-built software providing multiple security applications under one...

Cyprus Residency and Citizenship program

Media release. Published: 07-11-2016 05:01 pm - Mahandru Associates

Mahandru Associates Announces Tie Up with Aristo Developers - Cyprus The deal is designed to facilitate the Cyprus Residency and Citizenship program. Dubai, UAE, October 2016 - Representatives from Aristo Developers and Mahandru Associate have Announced this week that the two companies will be collaborating on the increasingly popular Cyprus Residency and Citizenship by Investment programs to...

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Tips to Launch Your First Pop Up

Media release. Published: 01-05-2016 04:51 pm - The Bureau Dubai

3 Reasons Why Pop Ups are the Future of Retail

Article. Published: 27-04-2016 09:15 am - The Bureau Dubai

What’s happening now is how we can gauge what might happen in the future. Presently, we see a gap between online and offline retailers and a nerve wracking rise in real estate prices. And through these troubling times, many unconventional brands and venues have turned to creative pop ups to help keep the boat afloat and revive business. 1. Closing the Gap Between Online and Offline Pop ups give...

Premium Blk. Mineral Water Selects as Local Agent

Media release. Published: 13-04-2016 09:00 am - The Bureau Dubai

blk. water has chosen Share This Space as its agent in the UAE to utilize their unique distribution network of retail spaces. blk. is the first ever fulvic enhanced alkaline mineral water. It originates from Polar, Wisconsin and has received wide popularity and acclaim in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe for its unmatched health benefits and of course, striking black water...

Video Interview with Shahzad Bhatti on how Share This Space plans to change Retail Distribution in Dubai.

Media release. Published: 21-03-2016 02:00 pm - The Bureau Dubai

In a new retail world where everyone is expanding into digital territories, Share This Space goes against the trend by providing a flexible and affordable platform for brands to expand offline. We sat down with Shahzad Bhatti at their HQ in Downtown Dubai to talk about how they plan to change the traditional and established retail distribution channel. Upon entering their office located inside...

Share This Space hosts a Conversation with noavi in Collaboration with Gulf Photo Plus & Made

Media release. Published: 15-03-2016 01:50 pm - The Bureau Dubai

Share This Space, an innovative new platform that connects brands and spaces in Dubai, hosted ‘a conversation with noavi’ last night in celebration of Art Dubai 2016. noavi, an international documentary photographer and media creator discussed how individuals perceive and associate new visuals through previous experiences. The Los Angeles native has exhibited around the world and is currently...

Share This Space hosts a Conversation with Noavi in Collaboration with Gulf Photo Plus & Made

Invite. Published: 07-03-2016 08:00 am - The Bureau Dubai

Share This Space, an innovative new platform connecting brands and sharing spaces in Dubai, welcomes international documentary photographer and media creator noavi to Dubai for a conversation and photo showcase. The Los Angeles native has exhibited around the world and is currently living in Helsinki, working towards a Master’s degree in indigenous journalism. The event is in collaboration with...

Dubai entrepreneurs launch protein ice cream

Media release. Published: 24-02-2016 01:54 pm - The Bureau Dubai

Made in the UAE: Dubai entrepreneurs launch great tasting protein ice cream Whey2go, Dubai’s homegrown whey protein ice cream launches across exclusive retail stores this February. The Ice cream is not only targeted towards consumers that have an active lifestyle but also to consumers who love ice cream. Whey2go ice cream is produced using 100% natural ingredients and contains high amounts of...

“Uplifting” The Spiritual Trollbeads Spring Collection 2016

Media release. Published: 24-01-2016 02:15 pm - Trollbeads

Call it energy, call it light. Call it love, hope or the magic of the universe - but every spring we feel it again. Trollbeads’ “Uplifting” celebrates the spirituality and beauty of life with an almost weightless spring collection of sparkling, copper-dusted and pastel-coloured glass beads and intricate, handmade silver beads filled with magical symbolism.  Trollbeads is the original...

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