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About LianaPress 

What is LianaPress?

LianaPress is a professional service for distribution of your news releases among media representatives. Service LianaPress provides an access to an extensive and constantly updated database of media contacts covering the whole region of Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular. The interface of LianaPress offers an easy-to-use tool for quick and detailed segmentation. One click and your news release is sent to a selected target audience.

Who is LianaPress designed for?

This service is designed primarily for professionals in the field of PR and digital marketing. Any successful company, regardless of its size and industry, always has some news it can share with the public in order to rise the awareness of its brand.

Quick creation and distribution of your news releases

  • Numerous automations simplify the process of news release creation and distribution.
  • The service allows to attach data in any format (e.g. images, video files) and enshures its correct display at the receiver's end.
  • Our secure servers will protect your company's corporate domain from getting blacklisted.
  • Publication of news releases on our site and social networks of LianaPress (optional).

Access to an extensive media database (UAE and foreign media)

  • Rich and constantly growing database of news media contacts (journalists, editors, reporters, etc).
  • LianaPress can also grant an access to media contacts from countries of Northern and Central Europe, Baltic States and Russia.
  • You can easily upload your own lists of contacts in Excel format. All data uploaded by a user are accessable only for that user.

Target audience selection

  • LianaPress offers an easy-to-use tool for automatic segmentation based on different criteria.
  • News releases are sent to preffered industrial segments as well as to personally defined list of receipients.
  • It is easy and safe to upload own media contacts.
  • Previously built contact lists are saved in the system and can be re-used later.

Access to detailed statistics and press room

  • LianaPress tracks and collects statistics about results of news release distribution in real-time mode.
  • You are also provided with an access to a personal press room containing most important information about your company as well as all its press materials. This press room gives all media representatives and public an easy access to all your news gathered in one place.

 LianaPress has NO LIMITS in:

  • Number of sent out releases
  • Number of recipients used for sending
  • Number of attachments to one release                                          
  • All attachments are sent in the form of links to data stored at our servers
  • Total size of attachments in one release

About LianaTechnologies

Liana Technologies is a fast growing technological company specialized in digital marketing and communication software. Since its establishment in 2005 the company has grown into international supplier of premium B2B solution for marketing, advertising, public relations and e-commerce. Our mission is to provide the best possible tools for Marketing and Communication professionals. Offering our solutions we take care of all technological issues, hosting, backups, updates and provide a user friendly interface in order to allow you to focus on what matters most – the content!

Got interested?

Contact us and request a free demo of LianaPress to be arranged with one of our specialists.

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