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Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies launches its innovative eCommerce platform in the Middle East

Media release.
Published: 29-May-2016 09:00 am
Publisher: Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies complements its digital marketing product family by introducing LianaCommerce™, a versatile eCommerce platform already chosen by hundreds of online shops, to the Middle East. Liana Technologies showcases its Liana Marketing Cloud™ at eCommerce Show Dubai May 31st – June 1st 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

LianaCommerce™ is an agile eCommerce platform available now in the Middle East. It is the chosen platform of hundreds of online shops in Europe and Asia using LianaCommerce™ to sell anything from electronics to cars and furniture to children’s clothing. All the shops can be optimized for mobile, providing the best possible experience for customers using mobile devices as well.

The eCommerce tool is part of Liana Marketing Cloud™, a set of online marketing tools that also include LianaMailer™ for effective campaign management, LianaCEM™ for agile data driven marketing automation and LianaCMS™ content management system for a versatile online presence.

LianaCommerce™ integrates diresctly with other Liana Marketing Cloud™ tools complementing the product family as an effective platform to run any online business and its marketing. Shopping cart reminders, dynamic newsletters and versatile campaign management are some of the features that provide better customer conversions and profitability for the online shop.

Open interfaces allow LianaCommerce™ to integrate with any shipping service, payment gateway and marketing tools, such as predictive product recommendations. LianaCommerce™ is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables the shop owner to focus on business related matters when all technical issues are handled by the cloud service.

“Having LianaCommerce™ in our product portfolio allows us to serve a complete cloud based online marketing kit for any business. Having a set of marketing tools that integrate seamlessly into the online shop is a great asset for any online shop running their daily operations.”, says Janne Kilpelainen, Managing Director of Liana Technologies in the Middle East. “Any online shop without effective marketing is a mere cash register in a retail shop and requires various online marketing tools to attract customers. We want shop owners to focus on running the business while we take care of the technical issues.”, he continues.

Liana Technologies showcases all its cloud based online marketing tools at the eCommerce Show at stand E-C32 next to the eCommerce Demo Theatre.

For further details, please contact:

Janne Kilpelainen
Managing Director
Liana Technologies Middle East
+971 50 2400195


Liana Technologies is a Finland-based SaaS-company providing easy-to-use software tools for digital marketing, PR and eCommerce. Founded in 2005, the company has experienced rapid growth and has already become one of the leading suppliers of online marketing tools in Europe, in the Middle East and Hong Kong. With over 11 years of experience in digital communications and software development, Liana Technologies has sales offices in six countries and thousands of corporate clients in over 30 countries around the world. Liana’s customers include e.g. Hertz, SAP, Mazda, Burger King and Bosch.


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