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The Bureau Dubai

The Bureau Dubai hosts a workshop on how to launch a food truck business in Dubai with infographic

Media release.
Published: 19-May-2015 10:15 am
Publisher: The Bureau Dubai

In partnership with Imago Growth Accelerator and Aseel F&B, The Bureau Dubai, aco-working space that provides support for local startups and small businesses to start, manage and grow their business hosted a unique workshop on how to a launch food truck business in Dubai. They welcomed Tahir Shah of Moti Roti to give an insight into his journey when launching his Pakistani street food truck with a healthy twist. He gave an informative talk on his experience of running a local food truck and working with the local municipalities to get the approvals.

We have seen many pop-up events, markets and fairs in Dubai over the past few years, add to this a flourishing outdoor scene with many renovations on Jumeirah beach and other parks around town it has provided an excellent landscape for food trucks to become a trendy venture for the F&B sector.

Disha Pagarani of Aseel F&B added “Since food trucks are a newer addition to the culinary scene of Dubai, there is a good amount of room for newer concepts to prosper with different cuisines and food types. We strongly believe that with food trucks in Dubai, the trick is in getting the groundwork right.  For instance, a lot of aspiring food entrepreneurs that we have worked with, had no idea on how to get the right kind of government approvals for health and safety standards and to set a secure legal framework for their trucks. The other issues they had was in sourcing the right locations to house their trucks. (Food Trucks in Dubai are not allowed to move around. They need to be placed at a pre-secured location).  So the true strategy is in laying the foundations right and planning diligently, as you would with any other business.”

The workshop was part of a new initiative supported by The Bureau Dubai and Aseel F&B called Imago which is the Middle East’s first F&B accelerator program dedicated to growth stage food and beverage companies. It will be the first in a series of workshops aimed at attracting the local industry and the right candidates for their program starting later this year.

Due to the huge sucess of the event, with more than 100 attendees, the family of companies have jointly released an infographic related to the topic to further help the local F&B industry.


The Bureau Dubai is a coworking space located in Souk al Bahar, Downtown Dubai who provide flexible ways for entrepreneurs and small businesses start, manage and grow their business in Dubai. They are creating a community of Entrepreneurs who are able to support each other to grow their businesses faster than they would on their own.

For more information please visit and or call 044272100


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Shahzad Bhatti

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