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Home Makeover with LAKBIR'S Designer Collection

Media release.
Published: 02-Aug-2017 02:09 pm
Publisher: HomesScope

As any decorator will tell you, curtains and drapes make a room - but only when chosen precisely. When it comes to window facelift, it's the matter of color, fabric, length, custom-made vs off-the-shelf, traditional or contemporary the list is endless. With so many decisions to make, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and devastated. There comes the expert and pro for advising and narrowing down the options and characterizing the right curtains for your living space. HomesScope being an exclusive one stop platform for all your Landscaping and Interior Designing needs brings to you an array of best Professional Architects and Designers to your Door Step to help and assist you with all your crafty needs.

"Everyone conceptualizes and utilizes their space differently. Our job is to understand your vision and provide you with right ideas and design to create a space that is comfortable, functional and inviting", says Lakbir, Founder of Lakbir Design. Accurate Design is always based on context and ambience describing whom it has been designed for. There is always a point where concept and inspiration collide and eventually come together, and nature plays an important role in this process. When it comes to transform a room our focus always wander around over drapes and curtains. So, keeping the tranquility and passion in mind, Fabric becomes an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.

Lakbir Design provides this opportunity to their customers to choose their own fabric, design, and elements to add in their living space. Encompassing ornate patterns as well as sophisticated solids, Lakbir design's fabrics shine with the blended ingredients of color, ranging from luminous to subdued, grey to angelic, subtle to classic, silk to satin and many more to unfurl. Her collection reflects the very roots of her firm vision, heart and extravagance lifestyle. 

Accented with a light glaze, the fabrics of this collection expose a subtle silvery-bronze sheen. The lustrous coat of her drapes bring together the underlying tones of crème and brown to produce consolidated imageries of line work and textures. It retains a certain versatility of color and form. Rendered with tones ranging from expressive turquoises to sheer black sequins, these fabrics are accentuated with an underlying gleam. Decorative in a tasteful way, the facades of these draperies project everything from modern geometries to natural, floral imageries.

Highlighted with intricacy and elegance, Lakbir's Collection is a contemporary rendition of designs from the Modern contemporary era. Scattered with leafy embroideries and cotton silk sequin florals, these fabrics fuse tradition with current style trends. Refreshing and dynamic, the tonal palette of these designs range from dusky black to expressive limes, cream and blues. Crafted artfully with sophistication, this collection showcases textures of luxuriant richness.

Emanating neutrality and calmness, Lakbir's design unfurls in contrast to most of the other collections. Reflecting the misty stillness of natural landscapes, this collection aims to facilitate a connect with the natural world. Tinted with lime greens and turquoise blues, the tones of this collection reflect the tranquility of nature. Swollen with subtle, floral line work against white backdrops, these fabrics transform areas into enriching, serene spaces.

Celebrating the sophistication of contemporary styles and the beauty of craftsmanship, this Collection is an artful reflection of refined and tasteful design. Synthesized with premium quality textiles and aesthetic sensibilities, this collection can transform your décor from simple and stylish, to luscious and chic.


More high-resolution pictures available on request.

For more information or any media inquiry, please contact: 

Dragana +971557879132

Anjali +971569883612

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