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YZER Group

Yzer Property’s Multilingual Online Portal is a Game Changer

Media release.
Published: 28-Sep-2016 06:00 am
Publisher: YZER Group

The company releases its user-friendly multimedia platform offering a smart solution for purchasing property and cars.

Dubai, September 2016 – Launched at the beginning of this year, Yzer Property have introduced an innovative marketing arena that is growing at exponential speed, which fills the gap between businesses and consumers for investments and purchases within the real estate and automobile industries.

With its user-friendly and accessible multimedia platform, Yzer Property’s remarkable solution allows new and existing residents to purchase what are widely considered to be the most difficult assets to attain; namely property and cars.

Advocating a highly visual experience, parallel to current social media trends, Yzer Property’s online multilingual portal allows visitors to navigate with ease, with 12 language preferences including Arabic, Chinese, Russian and English.

Committed to making a difference in the marketplace, the company’s principles are aligned with the perspective of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who said “Dubai is in a race against time to get to what is needed to become a smart city.

To make people happy, provide them with an easy life, aid communication with each other and enable government agencies to facilitate processes and reduce the burden of movement between government departments for service.”

At the helm of the operation, Nishat H. Bandali, CEO of Yzer said “It is very important to follow the vision of His Highness when creating any new business in this region.

With an aggressive increase in construction and the upcoming EXPO 2020, the Yzer online portal offers the best in both outdoor and digital media solutions. Although we are growing at an extremely fast pace, we never lose sight of the ever-changing requirements of corporate and consumer acquisitions, therefore our platform allows us to adapt to market variants.” 

About us:


YZER GROUP is a full service solution which aims to give consumers the best value on all high-ticket items, by providing better value across the property and motors categories and beyond.

Our promise is to maintain an attractive portal where user experience is guaranteed to be friendly and effective. The promises based on the above mentioned benefits are delivered by making it easier to find whatever it is consumers are looking for. YZER is approachable, easy to understand, and informative.

Our list of websites includes:

YZER MOTORS – is a media intelligence platform with a vision to be the main solution provider for anything related to transportation. Our aim is to provide with business solutions to both local and international corporate as well as fast, reliable solutions to the end user.

YZER PROPERTY - developed specifically to help consumers in the UAE identify new properties for residential, commercial or investment purposes. We aim to provide the largest inventory of all real estate listing websites in the UAE by offering industry-leading subscription rates to all brokers and competitive packages to property developers.


Visit our web site

E-mail: (press releases only)

Mobile: +971 52 777 6363

PR director Tatiana Vishnevskaya


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