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Art Rugs Are All The Rage

Media release.
Published: 02-Aug-2017 12:46 pm
Publisher: HomesScope

Under the fancy and bespoke Rugs hides an absolutely simple joy – a vibrant riot of colors dancing before the eyes in exuberant geometric or completely abstract patterns. Let yourself get carried away by the irresistible charm of exclusive one-of-a kind Carpet CC rugs!

These are exclusively designed limited edition carpets crafted by Sweden Artist, Cecilia Setterdahl to adorn your home space. Stunningly painted structural designs on these rugs possess the power to transform your floor into art.  Cecilia is the mastermind behind these rarest limited collection of rugs. She draws inspiration from the continent’s natural resources turning her design and collection into colorful piece of art. She always tries to reflect the essence of her spiritual soul through her artistic vision. Her profound sensibility and the ability to actually visualize allows her to leave every client satisfied with a dreamy artistic designer rug.

 “A beautiful place is any designer’s dream project,” Cecilia says with appreciation. “It comprises of all the modern conveniences but a traditional layout and proportions and top-of-the-line finishes. With a splash of color, craftsmanship, dazzling designs and diamond motifs, we can increase the potential of that given space to the maximum”. “Now, who doesn’t want a carpet which fits into eclectic home design?” She mentioned with a grin.

A carpet can be a neutral foundation, or it can be a focal point with vibrant colors and strong bold patterns and textures. You can choose your carpet styles and colors. That means your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. With these limited edition carpets you can make your space uniquely yours and can achieve a truly glamorous and tasteful atmosphere with a hint of modernity.

These aesthetic Cecilia inspired rugs can be a perfect match for your living room, vestibule, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen alike. These rugs are rich and vibrant enough to enliven any décor. The traditional way of using a carpet is to put it on the floor – its intriguing, mixed texture calls for that option as a geometrical carpet is pure pleasure to walk on. However, some specimens, colorful like a crisscross dazzling with patterns, would look simply amazing on the wall, serving as a piece of folk yet modern art.

The decision is up to you. Our advice – get more than one! That way you can have gorgeous customized rugs any way you like. These captivating soulful pieces incredibly emphasize the free-spirited atmosphere of contemporary interiors. The wide variety of dyes wonderfully reflects the unmatched beauty of nature. All the more contemporary/ minimalistic décors also can take advantage of the color, warmth and magic of the orient enclosed within these unassuming textiles.

From a fashion forward collection of contemporary rugs and designs from geometric to bold, pale to binge, colorful to crisscross; you can explore many options from these collections. You can easily connect with her antiquely designed beauties which are the perfect adjustment for your modern decorating standards. By its unmatched quality combined with the upmost artistic sublimity makes these rugs timeless.  

Enjoy the true definition of a chic and sophisticated space with the elegant artistry of Carpet CC classic rug’s collection. Inspired by the opulent patterns, Cecilia’s designs feature different motifs. These pieces of art are expertly and thoroughly hand-knotted with fine wools and sometimes with luminous silks in accordance with old and refined techniques which ensure its uniqueness and durability, making these timeless rugs an exquisite focal point in any room. The beauty of nature-inspired designs comes to life with Cecilia’s collection. The subtle palettes and chic artistry of these collection infuses contemporary flair to any space making it an ideal complement to a composed aesthetic. One glance is enough to fall for the shiny, soft pile that is a sheer pleasure to touch and to look at.

As the recent trend prevails metallic colored carpets and textiles is by no means a new phenomenon, but recent handmade rug collections by Carpet CC have highlighted the prevalent use in contemporary design, some even featuring larger pieces of darker palette incorporated into the pattern. 

With a lustrous glimmer in the texture, these rugs are quintessentially ‘’hygge’’. Its colour palette helps to create a feeling of serenity and pairs brilliantly with furniture’s, such as blonde-wood tables. These rugs are perfect for adding instant warmth to a room. Whether it’s laid next to a fire or put on a wall these classic rugs are sure to bring a touch of class to any home.

What are rugs for if not defining space and completing the design? Pick the best carpet from Carpet CC and enjoy the brand new face of your interior!


More high-resolution pictures available on request.

For more information or any media inquiry, please contact: 

Dragana +971557879132

Anjali +971569883612

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