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Design Days Dubai


Media release.
Published: 07-Oct-2016 02:33 pm
Publisher: Design Days Dubai

Global Grad Show is an exhibition of groundbreaking works from the world’s leading design schools, held as part of Dubai Design Week.

A globally unique exhibition of innovation, inventions and technology that will transform our future, all showcased by the world’s next generation of design talent. With more than 145 projects from 50 of the leading universities in 30 countries on six continents, the Global Grad Show is the largest and most diverse gathering of designers ever to take place and will offer unparalleled insight into the visions of the designers of the future, and a glimpse into our world as it might be tomorrow.

For the Global Grad Show curator, Brendan McGetrick: “Design is generally misunderstood as a discipline based on aesthetics. In my experience, the most innovative design work tends to look beyond beauty to focus on problem solving. This is especially true of the work emerging from design schools, where young creative people are encouraged to apply their talents to the issues that they care most about. Free from the commercial pressures of professional life, they use design to improve the world.

“The projects that we’re exhibiting at Global Grad Show reveal design in its purest and most potentially valuable form. They are by no means indifferent to aesthetics, but their impulse is fundamentally humanitarian: they apply creativity and technical rigor to expand life’s possibilities. In the process, they provide a key to better understanding the world and its enormous diversity of experiences.


Click here to explore the participating universities.

Dubai Design Week runs from October 24th until 29th. More information here

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