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Volt Lab

WhosHere, Inc. Announces the Launch of EM, the Future of Mobile Messaging

Media release.
Published: 27-May-2015 03:49 pm
Publisher: Volt Lab

Dubai – May 27, 2015 – WhosHere, Inc., the team behind the social discovery app WhosHere, today announced the launch of the cross-platform mobile messaging app EM, now available worldwide, via iTunes and Google Play.  EM is a messaging app created to bring people closer, providing the perfect platform for friends and family to message each other with text, voice, video, and photo messages.

EM offers several signature features to bring users closer and reduce the number of apps they need.  EM works with any mobile phone number or email address and enables EM to EM messaging, and for contacts that do not have EM installed, two-way EM to SMS or email.  This allows EM users the flexibility to consolidate all instant messaging, SMS and emails in one place. 

With EM’s TAKE IT BACK option, any EM to EM message can be deleted from the recipient’s device.  A long press will delete a message from the recipient’s device for good.  If it hasn’t yet been read, it will be like the message never existed. If the message is Taken Back before the delivered envelope icon disappears, users can rest assured that the message was not read or captured.

 In addition, EM’s disposable IDs, called AKAs, allow its users to safely and anonymously chat with others. This feature removes the stress of sharing your contact information with strangers. AKAs are perfect for posts to sites like Craigslist, dating sites etc. Once a user is done with an AKA they can delete it and never be contacted at that ID again.

EM also lets users participate in real time GROUP CHATS that have no maximum group size and the freedom for users to exit the group whenever they want, in order to end unwanted push message notifications. Users can select the color of their groups as well as the color that the app runs in and “projects” that color onto the screens of those they communicate with. 

EM offers breakthrough technology that allows videos to be seen by the recipient even before the file has fully uploaded from the sender’s device. 

Availability: EM is available now for free download via the Apple App Store and on Android via Google Play. It is available in fifteen languages and can be installed on tablets as well as your phone. For more information, visit EMwith.ME or follow @EMtheAppArabia on Twitter and on Facebook - #EMwithME.

About WhosHere, Inc:  WhosHere, Inc. is a smart-phone app production company.  It specializes in messaging technology.  Its technology is deployed in a social discovery app, WhosHere, and in the EM messaging app. WhosHere, EM and EMwithME are trademarks of WhosHere, Inc. 




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