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The Bureau Dubai

3 Reasons Why Pop Ups are the Future of Retail

Published: 27-Apr-2016 09:15 am
Publisher: The Bureau Dubai

What’s happening now is how we can gauge what might happen in the future. Presently, we see a gap between online and offline retailers and a nerve wracking rise in real estate prices. And through these troubling times, many unconventional brands and venues have turned to creative pop ups to help keep the boat afloat and revive business.

1. Closing the Gap Between Online and Offline

Pop ups give online brands a platform to bring what’s seen on screen to the real world. Products you had in that pending cart can now be felt, smelled or tasted in person before checking out to make the purchase. 

The need for this reassurance and understanding will never go out of style. This tradition will always prevail even in such tech obsessed times. This is just a way to give a brand’s audience the best of both worlds and merge two divided fan bases.

2. Breathing Life to Venues

On the other hand, offline retailers may have a different dilemma of expensive rent and decreased footfall. Pop ups can remedy this by giving additional income for sharing a space, creating a new experience for customers and drawing in their own online and offline followers. Bringing life to an otherwise stagnant venue.

Pop ups aren’t a new concept and its constant reemergence just shows that it’s a tried and tested solution. According to Retail Specialists, pop ups are a massive $8 billion market alone. And these numbers have encouraged more to join the movement.

3. Staying Relevant Made More Feasible

Not every pop up ‘pops up’ for the sake of making ends meet. It’s also a way to keep a place relevant. Relevance is the life force of any successful business. The times are changing and sometimes the ‘in thing’ isn’t what it was when you first started your venture. But it’s there in concrete and you’re sticking to it. This doesn’t mean you can’t ride the trend wave either.

This is another great way pop ups come in. Pop ups allow you to create mini campaigns that keep you relevant without having to abandon an existing model, make a huge commitment or change at all. It’s temporary and can last just as long as the current ‘in thing’ before trying out the next one.



Share This Space is an innovative distribution channel for brands in Dubai. The platform connects brands with commercial spaces to create pop up shops, events, launches, campaigns and more.

Follow on Instagram: @sharethisspace

Media Contact: Lyka Velez; (+97144272106)

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