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Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies establishes a R&D unit for AI

Media release.
Published: 07-Mar-2017 07:00 am
Publisher: Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies, the leading Saas company in marketing and communications technology, establishes an R&D unit for  Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Oulu, Finland. The unit is called Liana Ai. Liana intends to grow as the world’s leading company in marketing technology in the next few years.

Liana Technologies has in 12 years developed a product family with six entirely integrable and technically compatible Saas-solutions for marketing and communications. Each solution can  also be integrated into all main customer databases (CRM). ”When we introduce Articial Intelligence to the service, we are able to offer our customers a uniquely efficient service thanks to automation”, says Juha-Mikko Ahonen, the leader of the AI R&D unit. Ahonen is one of the four co-founders of the company.

Artificial Intelligence solves many of the current marketing and communications challenges and benefits both the information provider and the receiver. ”The new AI-based software from Liana will bring the automatic enriching and analysis of digital information to a complete new level,” Ahonen tells.

The services of Liana Technologies enable monitoring and analyzing customer experience and behavior which opens up new possibilities for the users of Liana services to segment and personalize their marketing communications in terms of content, quantity and timing.

Liana Technologies is very confident of fast growth, because the demand for digital marketing technology is in a dramatic upswing worldwide. ”Our strategic goal is to become the world’s largest company with in-house developed marketing technology solutions – globally and in a financially sound manner. We have already proven our know-how of the industry; this has been confirmed by the thousands of customers who trust our SaaS-services,” says Paavo Vasala, the Chairman of the Board and one of the company’s co-founders.

Liana Technologies has sales offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong. Business in these areas has progressed well. In the near future, the company is planning to establish new sales offices in some major cities in industrialized countries.

”We base our product development on the needs of our customers. We have designed our product development, production and customer service to correspond to the rapid growth in the following years. Thanks to our technology we can scale our operations quickly,” says Liana CEO Samuli Tursas.

Liana Technologies was founded by its current four co-owners, who are all actively working towards the growth of the company.

For more information, please contact:

Liana AI:

Mr. Juha-Mikko Ahonen
+358 50 302 0618

Liana Technology strategy:

Mr. Paavo Vasala
Chairman of the Board
+358 500 586 737

Liana products and business:

Mr. Samuli Tursas
+358 40 513 5890

Liana Technologies is a marketing and communications software company that develops and sells Marketing Cloud and PR Cloud services for corporate use. Its headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland and sales offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong. Liana Technologies is a fast growing company with over 3,500 corporate customers. For the past seven years the company has been ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Finland list and is one of the national finalists for the European Business Awards 2016/2017. Liana Technologies is a privately held company founded in 2005


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