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The UAE's No1 Interior Design Directory

Published: 07-Feb-2017 10:52 am
Publisher: HomesScope

The UAE is one of the top tourist destinations in the World, being a home to sensational architecture, the highest and the most beautiful buildings and structures. The World is less familiar with the amazing interior design, but every resident can witness the most astonishing interiors represented in famous hotels and private residences and homes at the locality.  The majority of proud homeowners also gives immense importance to maintain an immaculate living space and always shower their guests with warm hospitality. However, being passionate about designing their households aesthetically and tastefully, they know that homemaking can be an overwhelming experience.

Now there is finally a portal, that makes this process truly a time saving and highly resourceful experience. We are no longer limited to the resources available only in our hometown but now we have access to World’s best companies from providing service in the Middle East. is an exclusive website serving as a one-stop platform helping you to find professionals and product for all your interior needs. The directory covers every sector of designing field - listing companies under 10 main categories: Architects & Contractors, Art & Handicrafts, Carpets & Rugs, Furniture & Upholstery, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Lighting, Maintenance, Modular Kitchen, Smart Home Automation, Walls & Flooring and more.

With more than 2000 unique visitors per day, is also highly beneficial for all the registered companies promoting their products and services with a detailed directory of each brand’s areas of expertise, contact details and plentiful galleries of projects they have worked on. Furthermore, the site offers complete PR and Marketing on their regionally popular online and social media platforms to the Premium Associate Members, as well as a free monthly newsletter with the latest info on trends and useful guidelines. Viewed by accelerating a number of homeowners & professionals, HomesScope has a mission to provide the members with a fully online and offline exposure helping them to introduce the name to the local market and to build brand awareness.

Apart from being a supporting platform for the industry businesses and professionals, HomesScope is a great portal packed full of design inspiration and beautiful indoor and outdoor photography. It offers to the readers an in-house blog with Q&A and “Ask the Experts” popular topics, as well as the favourite and the most visited sections “Caught my Eye” and “Creative House of the Month” that takes you on a tour of many luxurious and tastefully designed homes with a sneak peak on the homeowners and their creative journey.

Now we would like to introduce the person behind the brand, the one who made HomesScope became what it is today – The UAE’s No.1 Platform dedicated to Interior Designers & Architects with more than 300 interior, architect and landscape designing companies, furniture manufacturers and artists from across the region. Kashish Sajnani is the one – the founder and the CEO, responsible for establishing the company and bringing it to the light. This design virtuous and successful lady entrepreneur is a dedicated wife and a mother of two above all, but also a strong leader of her winning team when it comes to her professional life. The design has always been an immense part of her dreams and aspirations, and now the dreams slowly coming to life.

 “An inclination towards Interior Design was imbibed in me when I first did up my own house at the age of 16 years back in India. This design comprised of customised furniture, the right choice of colors and materials. Challenge here was to make the most with the limited space and budget which was both thought-provoking and fun”, Kashish said about her career beginnings.

“Though I continued to do mainstream college, an internal desire to pursue Interior Designing became stronger with time. It was finally after my first child I took up the challenge to pursue my dreams and joined the Edexcel College of London for Interior Design. I had to keep my projects limited and worked only for passion as at that time my main priorities were raising my children.”

Having spent most of her life travelling between India and the UAE, Kashish’s family finally decided to setup their own home in Dubai. As an exceptional design connoisseur, she was ready with a lot of design ideas and plans but she realised to execute the plan, the need to source right professionals and companies was an overwhelming process. With expenses and time at stake, quality or design is bound to get compromised, in the absence of right resources and professionals.

“After settling into our newly decorated home and adjusting to the busy hustle bustle of Dubai Life, I was still brain storming the way to follow my passion for Interior Design. This is when I had the Eureka moment and HomesScope was born” she said.

When you have a dream and work towards it, it’s called a goal. This goal creates self-driven motivation each day and time pass by so swiftly.

“It feels just like yesterday, (well actually it has been a little over a year!) That I got this brilliant idea of starting a website that showcases the most well done up homes in the region, to know a home owner’s interior design ideas is my passion. Every person's ideas and creativity are different and so is their experience.”

With a few phone calls, she realised the homeowners were happy to have her over. She would capture their beautiful homes into her camera’s lens and their experience in her recorder, before putting it on the website and share with all the people passionate about the design.

As this idea was conceptualised she realised she needs to give people more. Attending Interior Design exhibitions around the world has been a habit, passion and immensely satisfying experience. This treasure that she had collected in the form of catalogues and cards was more than numbers and contact details, it was the resource to make one's dream abode! Architects, Interior Designers, Furniture Manufacturers from the around the globe who would happily provide their services in the region were sitting on her table ready to be served.

So with a fresh rebranding, and development plan there is a new-fangled web portal that brings you the best in Interiors as we believe your home has the scope to look as good as your resources! HomesScope now regularly showcases inspirational Interior Ideas of well done up homes and help people to source the right professionals and companies from all over the world not only by displaying their names but by the projects done by them. The platform is currently work in a collaboration with reputed companies and designers and it gives me immense satisfaction to be a useful inspirational source to many proud home makers who schedule their busy working life to source professionals while undertaking a home making process.”

There is no place like home, so let us all create our house the best environment for our family. Homemaking adventure is a kaleidoscope of ideas, design trends, and influence of different cultures, inspirational pictures that we have collected travelling the World and much, our memories, goals and aspirations and much, much more. But one thing is certain, your home will only be as good as your resources. There was definitely a need to improve the scope of each home! Yet, not to worry about that, HomesScope is always holding your back.
 is an exclusive online platform dedicated to Interior Designers and Architects. The platform serves as an online directory that has more than 300 companies listed under diverse categories: Furniture Designers, Architects, Landscape Designers, Wall and Flooring Specialists, Art and Handicrafts, Carpets and Rugs, Modular Kitchen and more.

HomesScope is the perfect place for foreign companies that providing services to the Middle east, as well as for those that already existing in the UAE, but need to sourced out in an efficient and convenient way. The listed companies are also covered with a complete PR and Social Media support through popular social channels relevant in the industry which will result in building their brand awareness hence increasing potential clientele. 

For more information visit 
For any media enquiry, please contact: 
Dragana +971557879132

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