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Design Days Dubai

The world of Chicara Nagata

Media release.
Published: 04-Jan-2016 01:35 pm
Publisher: Design Days Dubai

M.A.D. Gallery, Dubai’s first kinetic art gallery, opens Jan 10th in Alserkal Avenue with an exhibition by Japanese designer Chicara Nagata. 

Bringing cutting-edge mechanical and kinetic art to the forefront, M.A.D.Gallery will exhibit works that exemplify intricacy of detail, originality of concept and exquisite craftsmanship across the field of kinetic art. M.A.D.Gallery Dubai will present prestigious artists in the field of mechanical art including Chicara Nagata, whose award winning “road machines” each take over 7,000 hours of work.

Visitors to M.A.D.Gallery can explore a selection of carefully curated Mechanical Art Devices by an impressive roll call of international artists including: Berlin-based artist Frank Buchwald’s ‘Machine Lights’; striking metallic sculptures by Chinese artist Xia Hang; cheeky kinetic creations crafted by UK-based creative collaboration Laikingland, an artist-engineer team with a quirky sense of humour; and French-born Quentin Carnaille’s intricate pieces created using thousands of vintage watch components.                                                                          

Japan-born Chicara Nagata has had a lifelong affinity with motorcyles, having spent his childhood in the Saga Prefecture in Kyosho riding motorcycles. Chicara’s ambition to design and build his own machines was almost ruined when he was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident at the age of 16; paradoxically, he decided to dedicate his life to an engine that almost killed him. Chicara takes a vintage engine which he finishes and blends with as many as 500 self-manufactued components. The combination of the classic engine with his distinctively-styled frames, drive trains, suspension systems and steering components give rise to creations that could be described as retro-futuristic or even near-futuristic.

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