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Media release.
Published: 14-Mar-2016 10:43 am
Publisher: Design Days Dubai


Khalid Shafar Reveals Latest Design Piece

'FORMA’, specially commissioned for Design Days Dubai, will be unveiled this evening at Nakkash Gallery’s booth, G02.

Specially commissioned for Design Days Dubai's fifth edition, Khalid Shafar's FORMA presents a study of forms and shapes through a modular installation made of spherical-shaped components. Each component in FORMA is made of 39 interconnected Agaals - the black woven rope band men in the Arab world wear to secure their head covers - and is linked together with brass wires and embedded with colored Plexiglas to reflect light. Each component is a single lit-up object which together acts as an illuminated installation.

Khalid Shafar said, "This collaboration with Design Days Dubai 2016 is another milestone for me, especially in terms of strengthening my ties with prestigious galleries like NAKKASH. My installation FORMA is the result of a long study on the way identical 2D shapes can create 3 dimensional forms by piecing them all together."

"The idea of collaborating with Khalid Shafar came to us quite seamlessly," explained Nakkash Gallery. "As a designer his work is exceptional and more importantly, it complements our style and design philosophy. As a homegrown brand we keep an eye out for and support local talent and Khalid's work encompasses elements of the UAEs culture and heritage. This coupled with his flair for design is what led us to collaborate with him on this edition of Design Days Dubai."

Each Khalid Shafar object tells a simple design story that is richly detailed, yet avant-garde. Designed to fit individualist interior spaces, Shafar’s pieces are fueled with the designers own passions and life influences.

Visit the Nakkash Gallery booth (March 14) at 7:00PM to see new works by Khalid Shafar and more.

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