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Eternity Medicine Institute Dubai

Is the Middle East the most polluted region in the world?

Published: 25-Aug-2015 12:02 pm
Publisher: Eternity Medicine Institute Dubai

According to the recent World Bank annual report on global environmental indicators, known as the Little Green Data Book, the UAE beat India and China to the top spot on ‘the most polluted’ list. The figure that grabbed the Middle Eastern nation’s attention was the volume of very small particulate matter in the air we breathe.

As per the study, the UAE air contains 80 micrograms of pollutants for each cubic meter, which is slightly higher than China’s at 73 micrograms and more than double India’s at 32. These pollutants are actually the tiny particles of sand, dust or chemicals that float around the air, mostly invisible to the naked eye. And certainly associated with the development of diseases such as cardiometabolic disease, risk of heart attack/ stroke, cancer and others.

Meanwhile, the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water claims the pollution level in the UAE is safe for residents. They have already taken significant steps to improve ambient air quality, outdoor and indoor.  Worldwide, indoor air quality is on the rise as an urgent problem, but here, the local governments are very committed to solving the issue, starting with tests in residential buildings, nurseries, schools, universities, and health centers.

Toxic air pollutants are also common to the environment and are responsible for unintentional exposures that can lead to adverse health effects and potentially death. Toxicity is known to cause or is suspected of causing cancer, birth defects, reproduction problems, and many other serious illnesses. But not only the air, water and soil are also contaminated; sometimes even the food we consume: particularly fish, processed cheese products, fried and grilled foods, microwave popcorn, canned meals and many more manufactured goods.

Dangerous exposures to toxicity luckily can be prevented by recognizing and minimizing common sources of toxic elements in our diet, water, workplace, and homes. Laboratory testing is an important tool for detecting and managing toxic element exposure. Further detoxification can be used to minimize the impact of increased levels of toxins.

Preventive health screening programs

Eternity Medicine is one of a kind health institute in the region, well-known for their unique prevention screening programs. Using a FDA approved screening device in order to measure the key minerals, the heavy metals levels and oxidative stress, this technique allows detecting the potential threat in our body with noninvasive scanning procedures. It can so reveal the presence in the human body of Aluminum, Silver, Arsenic and several other heavy metals.

Additionally, it is also possible to set up an efficient program for detoxification. Firstly by eliminating the source of heavy metals which affect our body, and also by following detox program to reduce the presence of these metals in the body.

The residents are aware of peculiarity of the Middle Eastern region. The often sandstorms, lack of greens and permanent population growth as well as the increase of industrial areas; these are the facts that make us ask the question – What are we breathing in? And undoubtedly, that’s a strong question. Wandering about our health is a common thing, but doing nothing about it is the true problem.

“We regularly take our car to the dealer for service, to make sure the vehicle is in a good condition and safe for driving. But when it comes to our body we take our health for granted,” says Markus Giebel, the chairman of the new prestigious clinic in Dubai, Eternity Medicine. “We go to see the doctor only when something is wrong. And sometimes, unfortunately it turns out we are too late.”

Eternity Medicine gives us many solutions to take care of our entire health in one place – their Dubai Marina based institute. The regions only dedicated preventative medicine company, is not only engaging its patients, but empowering them to reach meaningful health goals, using the latest technology and their own patented applications to do it.

Eternity offers special preventive screening tests to discover life-threatening or life-altering disease at the earliest possible stage, and also to map out the client’s health so that he or she can begin the path towards optimal health. Testing is done using the latest in medical technology, such as an innovative EBCT scanner, one of a kind in the region, and the gold standard for heart scanning. Their health management programs blend traditional healthcare with age management healthcare, and include pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, hormone balancing, a diet plan, a fitness program, a stress reduction plan and number of other lifestyle interventions.

However, the significant service that makes the difference between Eternity and the other clinics is the P&L of your health. At Eternity allow we you to analyze your health as you analyze your company – we provide you with health history, health forecast, health benchmarks, health APP, health business plan and more. In simple words, Eternity safeguards your life and increases your vitality.  This is why patients respect them often as life savers.


About Eternity Medicine

Eternity Medicine Institute is a privately held global first-of-its-kind medical practice that focuses on the personalized prevention of disease. Eternity’s advanced health screening and cutting-edge treatments not only prevent disease but also significantly increase vitality and aesthetics so that our patients not only live healthier and longer but also look and feel great.
Eternity believes that there needs to be a fundamental change in how we think about our life and our health. The current healthcare model is actually a sick care model. This means we go to the doctor only when we are sick. Under such a model the symptoms are treated, but the causes of our health issues are often ignored. At Eternity we help you take control and reach your optimal health by addressing the causes many times years or decades before they turn into life-threatening ailments. The chronic diseases that afflicted our parents and grandparents do not have to be our fate – we can live healthy, long lives that are full of vitality. Eternity Medicine Institute now makes this possible.

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