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Published: 04-Sep-2017 11:07 am
Publisher: HomesScope

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home that is not just good to look at but also offers comfort.When you're decorating your home, your main concern is probably making it as appealing as possible. Whether it is the kid's room, the living room, the kitchen or the office space, a little bit of care and some Designer advice can help you to make your living space every bit inviting, decorative and plesant. When it comes to home decor, 2017 was the year of everything from woven wall hangings to scandinavian inspired interiors. And as the year winds down, soon enough your thoughts will most likely wander to a home refresh. So it will be worthy exploring the top Designer picks and trends for the upcoming year that will likely be adorned in your own abode.

Each one of us has some notions about the house we want to ive in, our dream home! While some would want a clever modern design, another would want sustainability and merge with the natural elements. To make your home unusually beautiful, there would be a need for a home decor agency that shall help you realize your home design fantasies and put things according to your needs with their distinct interior decorating ideas. Thus to help you in your venture Raniature Interior Design & Furnishing is on board with HomesScope, along with their exceptional turnkey fit out solutions for interior and furnishings for a complete makeover of your habitation.

Being a leading interior designing and building company, Raniature offers a voluminous and profuse assistance to their customers by curating a subjective image of their imagination. In addition to their peculiarity, they also offer expert consultation on Feng Shui established interior design.

“At Raniature our priority is to support and advance your life, dreams and goals. Blending our vision of interior design with the ancient Feng Shui principles of harmony and balance, our team works collaboratively and strategically to deliver homes and businesses that feel and function as well as they look. Whatever the space you have, our designers will help you establish your own space in a way you can express yourself like never before. We design not only for visual impact, but also for comfort, and ease of use, innovation, quality & sustainable performance. We believe in helping our client determine the best way to incorporate furniture into the décor of their spaces. We provide a wide selection of exclusive high end furniture, in addition to the ability to design & custom make any furniture as per their requirements”, says Rania Al Jabri, Founder of Raniature Interior Design & Furnishing.

Rania’s exclusive collections of designer furniture’s and art pieces can provide you an accessible modern aesthetic to mix & match and will help you in incorporating those designs into your home decor. From upholstering your furniture with old curtains to wallpapering a window shade, her ideas and suggestions will end up making a big difference to your abode. Highlighted with intricacy and elegance, her assortments of beautified specimens of art are a contemporary rendition of designs from the Modern contemporary era.

If you are yearning for a renovation and have gone through all ideas, done all your designing, have purchased a furniture and artfully arranged it. Your new rugs have been put in place. There is fresh paint on every wall, and you may have spent days selecting the perfect colors, converting your room so that it looks great. But still, in a dilemma that something is missing. Let’s say: An Artwork. With Rania’s expert composition and arrangement, you can easily achieve that and get an overhaul for your dream home. Decorating a room can be daunting, but with her professional consultation you can have everything you crave for in your home or office.

Being a novice in the Middle East Region its very admirable how Raniature Interior Design & furnishing has become more favorable design company for all designing and building needs. It’s the diverseness of different elements and interior design ideas, that’s aiding to its strikeness. Raniature Interior Design have worked for different commercial and residential projects and have always delivered the exceptional and incomparable works. It can be said that celebrating the sophistication of contemporary styles and the beauty of craftsmanship is the sole apothegm of this company.


More high-resolution pictures available on request.

For more information or any media inquiry, please contact: 

Anjali +971569883612 (

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