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The Bureau Dubai

Premium Blk. Mineral Water Selects as Local Agent

Media release.
Published: 13-Apr-2016 09:00 am
Publisher: The Bureau Dubai

blk. water has chosen Share This Space as its agent in the UAE to utilize their unique distribution network of retail spaces.

blk. is the first ever fulvic enhanced alkaline mineral water. It originates from Polar, Wisconsin and has received wide popularity and acclaim in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe for its unmatched health benefits and of course, striking black water appearance.

The black color occurs naturally due to its fulvic rich compounds, also dubbed as ‘Nature’s Miracle Molecule’. A bottle of blk. has 77 trace minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, a pH of 9.0, zero carbs, calories and caffeine. 2 bottles is equivalent to meeting your daily requirements of important minerals and nutrients. Many who are interested in getting increased energy, flushing out toxins, improving nutrient absorption, immune system and regeneration should reach for a bottle of blk.

It’s not just meant to be enjoyed on its own. Many blk. followers have been creative with the miracle water by cooking and concocting drinks with it. Nobu, for one, crafted a series of dishes made with blk. water. It does not create an altered taste, just adds a barrage of health benefits you otherwise, wouldn’t be able to get from regular water. 

Online and offline, you’ll hear stories about improved quality of life after experiencing blk. With their partnership with Share This Space, blk. aims to educate the masses about its health benefits and making it available to the public through their network of unique spaces.

Share This Space is an innovative distribution channel for brands in Dubai. The platform connects brands with commercial spaces to create pop up shops, events, launches, campaigns and more on a short term basis.

Follow on Instagram: @sharethisspace

Media Contact: Lyka Velez; (+97144272106)

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