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Eternity Medicine Institute Dubai

Eternity Medicine takes patient engagement to a new level

Media release.
Published: 24-Jun-2015 02:26 pm
Publisher: Eternity Medicine Institute Dubai

While global healthcare providers struggle to build patient engagement, Dubai based Eternity Medicine launches its own initiatives to achieve sustainable long term results.  The regions only dedicated preventative medicine company is empowering its patients to reach meaningful health goals by using the latest technology and their own patented applications.

Dubai, UAE 24th June 2015

A recent study by HIMSS Analytics, suggests healthcare organizations the world over are struggling to embrace meaningful patient engagement despite substantial technological investment, new patient portals and integrated electronic records.  This is not the case with one local healthcare provider, Dubai based Eternity Medicine Institute which employs state of the art screening technologies to safeguard lives in the region. Following the successful integration of a number of patient led initiatives at Eternity, incorporating their own unique applications has led to increased patient engagement and improving clinical outcomes of its patients.

“Anyone who has ever asked for their own records will know exactly what I mean” says Markus Giebel CEO of Eternity, who cites reading his own complex medical records as the inspiration for the revolutionary Eternity P&L application.  The software displays a simplified version of the patient’s medical record, extracts data from the patient’s “fitbit” and becomes instantly accessible via patient’s smart phone device. The software has unique interactive tools and features, and updated in real time. 

Giebel says “Patient engagement is such a hot button topic right now.  My own experience gave me incredible insight into what patients really need besides treatment.  Eternity’s strategy is to get patients actively involved, so they learn to take full control of their own health and wellness, adopting good habits as a result. The application is rather like a financial profit and loss report that details the extent of a patient’s health situation incorporating their lifestyle risk factors.  Taking individual health goals into consideration, it is able to track progress in real time. We notice when they have gone off track, and reschedule them for counselling to get them back on track again. Empowered in this way, our patients are focussed in managing their health, adopt healthy long term behaviours that are sustainable. This level of engagement enables our patients to make informed healthcare choices and purchases. Ultimately they developing meaningful interaction with their physicians and care provider’s to become partners in their health. We are achieving highly encouraging results with technology, which is not only driving our business but has revolutionised our patient engagement”.


Image: Markus Giebel CEO Eternity Medicine Institute Dubai

Image: Eternity Medicine Health P&L application.


About Eternity Medicine

Eternity Medicine Institute is a privately held, first-of-its-kind medical practice that focuses on the personalized prevention of disease. Eternity passionately advocates a fundamental change in current healthcare model, hailed as a sick care model. That reinforces that people should only go the doctor when they are sick. Under such a model the symptoms are treated, but the causes of our health issues are often ignored. Eternity’s advanced health screening capability and cutting-edge treatments programs aim to prevent disease and significantly increase the vitality and wellness of its patients.  Eternity promotes vitality and seeks to actively combat anti-aging via a range of holistic and aesthetic treatments and solutions.  Eternity employs strategies that actively empower and engage its patients enabling them to take full control of their health promoting sustainable lifestyle changes, good behaviours and habits that lead to optimum health.

UAE Headquarters: KG Tower / PO Box 120618 /Dubai Marina UAE T: +971 4 450 81 81 / F: +971 4 450 36 93

Website International Headquarters: 11859 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 110 Los Angeles, CA 90025 United States


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