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Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

A New (ad)Venture

Media release.
Published: 24-Jul-2017 11:51 am
Publisher: Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be, if you quit your 9-5 job and explored your own exciting venture?

 Explore the alternatives as we discover the practical points of difference that self-employment and business ownership offer for entrepreneurs, small business owners and new founders alike.

When we start our education in life it’s often at a school or similar institution and like clock-work we learn our abc’s, how to tell the time and the importance of completing homework. But what we don’t get taught is how important it is to follow your heart and give dreams a chance.


As a teenager, we learn that grades matter and exams are important, that results determine success and success determines happiness. But what we miss are the fundamentals in day-to-day living, which, as we grow, become the key to ultimate happiness and satisfaction.


What we find to be true as adults, often contradicts what we learn as a collective. Life experience hints that it becomes less about the grades and marks, and much more about the people you meet and experiences you enjoy. While school says it’s all about the books, daily life suggests it’s about interest, passion and skill.


So after graduating college or university, and embarking on what was once a great idea for a career, what’s the alternative path when things don’t turn out right? It may sound simplistic, but the answer can be found in Business. Why? Because business is versatile and built to suit various interests, passions and skills – there’s no limit!


Of course, the business where you can be your own boss is the best kind, but just getting started in an area of interest is a great and powerful first step. Sure, a new direction required support, skill development and patience, but see it as an investment in a new type of education, the type that may not come with a graduation hat and degree, but with new friends, a steady income, enjoyable training and lots of meaningful, great memories.


When life becomes more about the high-value of the day-to-day routine, why waste it on an unsatisfying career? Why not break the mould, burst from the bubble and try something sustainable, that’s rewarding not just financially but personally too?


The myth that business is only for the sales-savvy types doesn’t ring true in 2017. Where online marketers, social media gurus and stay-at-home mums can mingle and market in quiet. What is truer now than ever, is that business is accessible for anyone; it just has to fit your interests and passion.


Sure, it helps if you can sell snow to an Eskimo, but what matters more is that you can connect authentically with people, via your services, products or goods. So what will it be: a franchise restaurant, an online store, new services or a new-age business?  The choice is yours.


If you love food, like people and feel ready for change, consider joining Broccoli Pizza & Pasta ( You’ll get comprehensive business training, extensive support, staff selection, marketing and brand funding (plus much, much more!).


Start with a structured, successful support system and increase your accomplishments with a rewarding new (ad)Venture!



Dare to Dream





Badr Kamal

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Digital Marketing Manager


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