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Etteplan is training engineers for Valmet in China

نشر: 03.11.2014, 08:56

Valmet has ordered the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) service from Etteplan. BOT is designed for companies that wish to ensure speedy productivity when starting up operations in China and to minimize the risks linked to the availability of trained personnel. According to the contract, Etteplan will recruit and train engineers for Valmet, who will be equipped with an awareness of the company’s engineering requirements and Western quality standards.

“The availability of trained and competent personnel in China is a big challenge for machine and equipment manufacturers starting up in the country. Our experience of Etteplan’s service model is positive and it allows us to focus on developing our core business. Additionally Etteplan has a strong position in China and extensive experience in training Chinese engineers in Western quality thinking and working methods,” says Tomi Honkala, Director in Valmet’s Mill Improvements Services Business Line.

“Expanding our cooperation to the BOT service is a good example of the extensiveness of our service offering in China. Our position in the growing Chinese markets provides us with a unique competitive advantage to help our customers quickly access cost benefits and minimize the risks linked to the availability of work force,” says VP Riku Riikonen, General Manager, Etteplan China.

Etteplan has already been supplying offshoring services to Valmet’s business units for several years. In addition to engineering, the partnership has involved localization, engineering analysis and technology transfer.

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