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Liana Technologies

Over Half of the Email is Read in Mobile Devices in the Middle East

Media release.
Published: 01-Feb-2015 07:00 am
Publisher: Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies, the leading online marketing software company in the Middle East has conducted a research on mobile email usage in the area. The research was made across Liana Technologies’ clients in the region.  The results show that 61 % of email newsletter recipients read their emails in their smartphones. This number is higher compared to global average of 48 % and also correlates to the high smartphone penetration in the Middle East.  

The derived data shows that iOS-based Apple gadgets are the most commonly used mobile devices among the Middle East consumers and  business-to-business professionals. Android-based smartphones and tablets were placed second, however, being far less popular. The study also reveals that on average 64 % of companies’ decision makers, i.e. CEOs or managers, favor mobile over desktop email client. In the research, smart phones and tablets were regarded as mobile devices.

“The high smartphone penetration in the region has a direct effect on email usage as well. Any business not taking this into account in their email marketing is missing a huge opportunity”, says Mr. Janne Kilpelainen, General Manager of Liana Technologies. “Email has become an effective mobile marketing channel for anyone wanting to reach out to customers on the move”, Kilpelainen continues. 

According to global studies, consumers receive approximately 416 commercial emails every month. Therefore, in order to reach out to as many clients as possible, all the email marketing has to be designed for mobile viewing as well. Mobile optimization or responsive design enables efficient reach of all potential clients when done professionally.

The research results show that it is crucial for every marketer to make sure their marketing emails are optimized for mobile devices. “For anyone interested in more about email marketing and how to be effective with it, we have recently launched a comprehensive guide about the topic”, says Janne Kilpelainen. The guide is available for download from


More about Liana Technologies Ltd: and in Arabic.


Janne Kilpelainen

General Manager, Liana Technologies

+971 502 400 195


Liana Technologies is a Finnish supplier of software for digital marketing, PR and e-Commerce. Founded in 2004 the company has experienced a rapid growth and already become one of the leading suppliers in Europe in its field of expertise. With 10 years of experience in digital communications and software development, Liana Technologies has 128 employees in five countries and thousands of customers in over 30 countries around the World.

Liana Technologies is specialized in cloud-based digital marketing and communications software. In the Middle East the company provides its premium tools for online marketing professionals. When used together, they form a complete solution consisting of various online marketing tools with local customer service and support.


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