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Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies renews PR with media monitoring service LianaMonitor

Media release.
Published: 06-Mar-2017 07:00 am
Publisher: Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies Ltd, the leading cloud-based digital marketing and communications company, starts a new era in online and social media monitoring with semantic monitoring. LianaMonitor is an automatized tool that enables accurate following and analysis of media visibility and reputation in real time.

The semantic monitoring feature brings more intelligence and accuracy to online and social media monitoring. LianaMonitor is able to analyze the structure of language as well as thematic and conceptual connections between texts, while traditional media monitoring is only based on keywords. Semantic monitoring increases reliability and relevancy because it prevents non-relevant search results that derive from homonyms or phrase structures.

LianaMonitor monitors journalistic online medias, blogs, forums and social media channels extensively and round the clock, automatically stores all the hits and builds analytics. The service helps companies in the challenging task of finding and following online and social media conversations.

The real-time information provided by LianaMonitor allows companies to track effortlessly relevant discussions related to their company, business or industry - and react quickly. The tool also enables the company to measure the effectiveness of marketing and communication activities. The analytics provided by the tool offers valuable information that can be used to further develop overall marketing and communications strategy. "Semantic analysis will give our customers insights that help them measure and fine tune their marketing even better", says Janne Kilpeläinen, General Manager for Middle East.

Liana Technologies Ltd is a fast-growing technology company with a strong focus on international growth. The headquarters of the company is in Oulu, Finland, where the product development and support team are also located. The company has offices also in Stockholm, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Liana Technologies provides effective and user-friendly products that cover all online marketing and communication needs. The Marketing Cloud and PR Cloud product families include tools for website content management, email marketing, eCommerce, journalistic media, online and social media monitoring, press release distribution as well as marketing automation.

Liana provides all the solutions as SaaS (Software as a Service) which includes, in addition to the tool itself, technical support and continuous product development.

More information:
Janne Kilpeläinen
General Manager, Sales & Marketing
Liana Technologies Ltd
+971 50 240 0195

Liana Technologies is a marketing and communications software company developing and selling Marketing Cloud and PR Cloud services for corporate use. The company’s headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland and sales offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong. Liana Technologies is a fast growing company having over 3.500 corporate customers. The company has been ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Finland list now for the seventh year in row and is one of the national finalists for the European Business Awards 2016/2017. Liana Technologies is a privately held company founded in 2005.

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