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Top 5 trends in communications

Published: 05.05.2015 14:47

The spring brings a fresh breeze to communications. Instead of paid advertisements, customers value meaningful content and service providers’ expertise. What things you should consider when you plan your communications strategy. We made a list of five communications themes that rule this year.  1. Storytelling –make the message come alive with a story Meaningful content becomes more and more...



"Storytelling is not a new invention but its role is growing alongside the more traditional style of communication."

10 most common mistakes to avoid in writing a press release

Published: 04.12.2014 13:27

News release is a great opportunity to remind our target audience about our brand via news media. Therefore, no wonder that those, who understand its benefit, invest into this PR channel. Initially news is written for an ultimate press reader, while journalists are the ones who determine whether our material is published or not. A justified question comes here: ”Do journalists really need...



"News reading always starts with a headline and very often ends already there. Does your news offering stimulate your reader to proceed to the first paragraph?"

Efficient news release: how to get your news published

Published: 31.10.2014 12:57

When writing a news release PR specialist should keep two goals in mind: 1. create a positive image of his company and 2. insure the maximum possible media coverage. On average journalists get dozens of press releases on daily basis. Let's put ourselves in their shoes and try to see what makes a story interesting from the perspective of both journalists and the ultimate reader. Before going any...



"The main purpose of a press release is to provide newsworthy information to the media"

How to structure a press release?

Published: 02.10.2014 13:02

Although no official standards for press releases exist, there is an established format for public news. A company can announce, for instance, an upcoming event, management reshuffle, nominations and awards, new products launch, sales benchmarks, etc. Provided a press release is well written, it might be published in media in its original format with minor corrections from the journalist's side....



"​Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. – Mark Twain​"

Why use a professional service for news release distribution

Published: 11.09.2014 09:26

Press release, new release, press statement, and media release is official news of a company written for the purpose of sharing it with the public. Before the Internet came into global usage, press releases for decades were spread via traditional mail. A new era in news release distribution started with the introduction of facsimile. However, it was not before the early nineties when email...



"The main advantage of using a third-party service is the access to the extensive database of media contacts (journalists, editors, reporters)"

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